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The Sky Fell! How to Help Your Plants After a Hailstorm

A fast-moving storm cell dropped marble-sized hail on Old Town Fort Collins on May 22nd, bouncing off cars and flooding the streets. A similar storm swept Cheyenne May 21st – neither storm is unusual in the Front Range.

fort collins hail storm spring

Will your garden recover from this storm?


The best survivors will be our native plants. They are used to this sort of weather and they won’t have much trouble growing back. You’ll know them by their thin leaves and straight posture.

Annuals and perennials will need an evaluation, and possibly a trim. It’s early in the season and many will have tender young shoots. Simply trim off any broken stems and leaves, and apply a fungicide to prevent rot in the damaged leaves. Consider fertilizing as soon as you see new growth.

Don’t forget, it’s still early spring! If your plants are down for the count, it isn’t too late to replant and start over.

Trees and shrubs should be okay. The hail that fell was small, and there shouldn’t be too many broken limbs and branches. But if you do find dangling or damaged branches, cut them off cleanly.

fort collins hail storm spring

Can you protect your plants from the next hailstorm?

Yes, if you know the storm is coming! Blankets and tarps can be lifesavers. They’ll need to be secured to stay in place, should a gust of wind come in front of that sudden storm.

And if your garden needs a little help from the experts after the storm, give us a call!