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MulchWe get it, you’re ready for the world to green up a little. We are, too, which means it’s time to start thinking about springtime and what that means for your landscaping.

You know the old term “spring cleaning?” It applies to your lawn, too. But if you start small, take things task by muddy task, you’ll be on your way to afternoon patio sessions and yard games in no time.

First, you’ll want to actually clean your yard. This means getting rid of any dead leaves or vegetation, especially around shrubs and trees as rotting leaves may harbor fungi that can damage your plants. You’ll also want to pick up any debris and animal waste that’s been hiding under the snow all winter.

Now is a good time to check your irrigation system so you know you’ll be supplying the needed moisture to your plants as they come alive. You could also think about adding a drip irrigation system, which uses water much more efficiently

Aerate your lawn, fertilize, and mulch, mulch, mulch! Fertilization will help your lawn grow lush and will help prevent the growth of weeds. Mulching helps keep your soil moist and allows you to water less (not to mention the classy statement it makes).

Sharpening your mower blade is going to be essential for maintaining your healthy lawn, as dull blades can lead to tears in grass blades, which leads to fungal diseases. Sharpening your mower blade now will keep your mower cutting efficiently, leaving your lawn perfectly manicured all season.

Check your hardscaping, too. Replace broken pavers, repair fence pickets, check your lighting and do any maintenance to your deck or patio. This will ensure that not only are you ready for entertaining, your space is ready for new flowers and plants.

And then comes the fun part! Now that your yard is ready for spring, you can start planning what you want for spring and summer flowers. What’s your color palette going to look like this year?