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Just a quick note to remind you to water your landscape!

It’s been a mild fall to say the least. We’ve been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, but your plants are still going dormant. Under warm or cold conditions, plants still need water to stay healthy through the winter. Take the opportunity one of these nice warm days to give your grass and plants a nice long drink. They will thank you later in the spring when they’re ready to grow again! Although the larger trees in the yard will not need as much attention, it’s still important to care for anything in exposed conditions.

Mulching is helpful because it helps plants during the winter by reducing evaporation and protecting plants against sudden changes in soil temperature. Mulches can be almost any organic matter—shredded leaves, bark pieces, pine needles, twigs, hay or straw—so think of ways to reuse your yard waste. Waste not, want not!