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At its heart, Detailed Landscape is a family business. Part of Detailed’s origin story involves lawnmowers given to Clint by his dad, and the importance of family involvement never went away. Really, it grew stronger. Currently, Clint’s wife Stacey runs the office, there are husband and wife teams on board, father and son and nephew teams, plus Clint’s own dad and son.

Working with his dad, Clint says there’s a great balance – where his dad is passionate about plants, for instance, Clint is drawn to structures and equipment. But they’re both passionate about the overall result and doing good work.

“It’s nice to find individuals who have similar passions, the same attention to detail and the same work ethic. Those traits in me are largely due to my dad having them, setting an example for me and passing them along. He has always been a point of reference and a knowledge base from where I draw all the things I really value.”

What does Clint think about working with his kid? “It’s nice having seen him grow up in the company. Now that he’s back from his first year of college, he has a different maturity and is growing by way of responsibility and knowledge. Seeing those traits being passed to him, as they were passed to me – it’s rewarding as a father and an employer.”

Three generations working together is pretty unique, but at Detailed Landscape it just makes sense. Family is who we are.