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Patio Pool fort collins colorado

How can you make the most of the warm weather this year? Two words: patio time. Here are some of the hottest trends in cool patios for 2017:


The easiest way to take advantage of the great outdoors is by blurring the lines between your home and your yard with a great patio. Enclosing part of your outdoor space with a roof and curtains or paneling will really smooth the transition.


It’s all about atmosphere! Cordless and rechargeable lights are in for their low cost and environmental advantages. An added bonus: a little lighting goes a long way for extra security.


Matchy-matchy patios are out. Get eclectic and blend your styles! Put modern elements in a traditional garden, mix patterns with bold, jewel-like colors, make your space compelling by breaking out of a one-style-fits-all repetition.

Room To Play

Who says playing in the yard is just for kids? This year you’ll see more patios turn into entertaining and relaxing spaces, with bocce ball and cornhole courts, dining areas, fireplaces, and hammocks.

Make It Last

Nobody likes high-maintenance. Anything over-styled and over-intricate will be replaced with materials that can withstand the elements and easily transition from season to season. Think steel and concrete accents – as tough as they are sleek.

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