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Summer is the time to lounge on your deck sipping iced tea, roast marshmallows over your custom-built firepit, and breathe in the sweet smell of your garden—whatever fits your personality and lifestyle.

At Detailed Landscape, summer is the busy season so we’re hard at work making our clients’ landscapes look good. It’s always a pleasure to help make someone’s dream space a reality.

It takes a lot of work to make your landscape a unique and personal space for you and your family. And July is the best time to lean back with your friends and family and enjoy the results.

We wanted to share with you a few of our favorite outdoor projects to inspire you to kick back and take it easy this month.

#1 Fancy Water Feature

Outdoor Space Bar Water Feature

Unexpected touches like water features always look amazing in outdoor areas, and this one from last year is one of our favorites.


#2 Spacious Seating for a Soirée

Outdoor Patio with Seating

Plenty of seating on your patio means more people and more fun at your party. It took a lot of careful planning to make this patio an easy-to-use multi-purpose space, but we thought the results were spectacular.

#3 Tranquil Thought Space

Outdoor Space Swing

Outdoor spaces don’t have to be complex. Sometimes a simple swing in a quiet corner of your landscape is all you need. The structure gives it some visual weight and presence, but it still feels like an intimate oasis for some quality alone time.

Enjoy your space and make it your own!

So get out there and lounge in your landscape. If it’s not exactly what you want and you’ve been inspired by our photos, give us a call and we’ll help you make your dream a reality.