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At Detailed Landscape, we’re like most people who live on the Front Range: proud of the natural beauty that comes with living in this region—and we believe every landscape in Colorado should celebrate and protect our regional treasures by using native plants whenever possible.

It’s not just about our regional heritage, Colorado native plants tend to thrive because they’re well adapted to our climate, soils, temperatures and elevations.

colorado native plants benefits

Benefit #1: Less maintenance

In short, when plants are adapted to local conditions, they need less attention—leaving you with more time to enjoy your landscape. That means you’ll need fewer pesticides, less fertilizer, and less frequent waterings.

Benefit #2: Less water

Everyone knows the horror of getting a utility bill that’s out of this world. Outdoor watering accounts for nearly 60 percent of total use during peak summer months. Native plants are more resilient to less water for longer periods. Using less water is less expensive and it also helps conserve natural resources. It’s a win-win for you and Colorado.

Benefit #3: More harmonious and sustainable landscapes

The most beautiful landscapes fit naturally in their environment, instead of competing with it. Native plants don’t just look more appropriate in Colorado landscapes, they also provide more natural food sources for local animals and insects. When all the living parts of a landscape work together, they’re more likely to thrive and be self-sustaining.

Some tips about choosing native plants:

The Colorado Native Plant Society provides tips for people interested in native plants to make sure they’re actually getting native plants and not similar-looking non-native plants. CoNPS recommends: reading labels on wildflower mixes to verify they don’t include noxious weed species, buying from reputable nurseries, and asking for plants based on their scientific name instead of common name.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed about how to make your landscape more native, call the experts at Detailed Landscape and we’ll help you make sure your landscape is Colorado proud.