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Pergola Definition with Picture

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “pergola” before and you know it has to do with some sort of landscape structure, but you are not quite sure what one is exactly. Or maybe you are curious to know the difference between an arbor and a trellis. Maybe you just want to know what options you have when it comes to adding some new structures to your landscape.

Here are a few basics to help you become familiar with various landscape structures, all of which can add great aesthetic appeal:

Trellis: Typically, a trellis is a structure made up of lattice-work that allows climbing plants (such as ivy) to grow along the sides. A trellis may be decoratively leaned up against the side of a house, placed as a stand-alone structure, or used as the sides of an arbor frame.

Arbor: Smaller than a patio covering, an arbor is often used to create a covered entrance to a walkway or path. The top of an arbor is often arched and the sides of the arbor are often made of lattice-work, with ivy and flowering plants growing along the frames.

Gazebo: A gazebo is a free-standing landscape structure, usually in a round or polygon shape, that creates a small outdoor room. Gazebos typically have half walls that are left open at the top and a full roof. Often they even have a fully benched seating area.

Pergola: A pergola is a four-sided structure typically made of four beams (instead of walls) and a slatted roof for partial cover. Unlike a gazebo, a pergola usually does not have a solid roof. A pergola can be a freestanding structure or attached to the side of a house.

Landscape structures can do so much to enhance your landscape, providing not only beauty but even new spaces for entertaining guests. A new landscape structure may be just what you need to completely revision and transform your landscape. At Detailed Landscape, we can provide more in-depth information about various landscape structures, as well as provide you with customized suggestions as to which structures might best enhance your unique landscape. Give us a call today and we’ll go over the “details.”