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Dogs need plenty of space to run and play so having a dog-friendly yard is often a requirement for Colorado homeowners. From adding proper fencing to choosing proper hardscaping, our experts have a few guidelines for ensuring your pup has a safe space to get their zoomies out!

Consider Lawn Alternatives

We’ve all seen the damage that acidic dog urine can cause to grass. High levels of nitrogen in your dog’s urine elevates soil levels until it eventually kills the grass. Damage will occur much quicker if your dog pees in the same spot repeatedly. You can prevent these spots by rinsing the area with water as soon as your dog is done urinating, but that can be difficult to keep up with. Instead, installing grass alternatives can offer a simpler solution. Clover is one of the best-known turf alternatives. Bonus: Clover is both dog-friendly and good for your soil!

Adding stone or mulch are also great ground cover alternatives for your dog. You’ll need to make sure it’s paw-friendly, of course. Gentle hardscapes like flagstone pavers and small, organic mulch will be better for your pet’s paws.

Avoid Poisonous Plants
Before adding new plants to your landscaping double check that they won’t be hazardous to your pet.

And always keep your dog away from mushrooms! It’s best to assume that a mushroom is toxic for your pup.

Offer Shelter for Summer & Shade for Winter
Both summer and winter can be brutal seasons for a dog that’s kept outside. However, adding a good source of shade for hot days and a warm shelter for cold winter evenings will keep your dog safe all year. Adding a big shade tree is the more natural option, but if that’s not available, setting up a teepee or sunshade can also keep your pup safe from the sun. If you want a doghouse that can be utilized in the summer and winter months, make sure it has proper ventilation to prevent heat buildup in the summer. 

Add Chicken Wire & Fencing to Plants & Trees
Adding fencing around delicate plants or garden areas can prevent your dog from digging, urinating in, or even eating certain plants. Dogs need plenty of room to exercise so instead of keeping your dog in a kennel, fence off the areas you want to keep them out of. Adding chicken wire around trees will also deter your dog from urinating on the trees, which eventually can damage root systems.

Are you ready to create a dog-friendly backyard? Give us a call today or fill out our contact form to learn about your options!