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At Detailed Landscape, we talk a lot about the importance of winter watering. Preventing sun scorch and dehydration in evergreens is especially important, because they don’t drop their leaves in the winter and continue to use moisture to keep vulnerable needles healthy.

Evergreens can lose significant moisture through their needles in the harsh winds and dry climate of the Front Range winters.

While winter watering is essential, there are other steps landscape owners can take to protect their most susceptible evergreens when roots are unable to take up sufficient moisture from the ground. Professionally applied antidessicants slow the loss of water from plants by creating a thin barrier over the leaf’s pore, locking in moisture.

Safe, biodegradable antidessicants are commonly made with pine oil or natural polymers and wear off around spring.

Here are a few types of evergreens that may benefit from professionally applied antidessicants:

Newly planted trees

While fall is a great time to plant evergreens, their first winter can be tough because their roots aren’t well-established yet. Waterings twice a month during low precipitation periods are a must, but landscape owners rest easier when they have the extra protection of an antidessicant.

Trees in dry soils

Precipitation in the Front Range is lowest in January and February, and landscape owners need to be vigilant about their soil drying out and potentially causing damage to plants. Evergreens in areas that tend to be drier—open, sunny areas of your landscape—may benefit from an antidessicant.

Trees exposed to wind

Many people in Colorado use evergreens as effective windbreakers, but harsh winds tend to draw out moisture from the needles, causing sunscald and windburn—or even death. These evergreens are especially susceptible to dehydration and a layer of antidessicant can help make sure those trees will be protecting your landscape from winds for years to come.

Applying antidessicant is a delicate process and should be entrusted to the professionals at Detailed Landscape. If you have any questions about whether your evergreens would benefit from this extra protection in the winter, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you keep your trees healthy and beautiful.

How Antidessicants Help Protect Your Evergreens