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Fires bring people together. Especially for those of us living on the Front Range, there’s something special around a fire with friends and family on a beautiful summer night.

In the past few years, we’ve noticed an increase in homeowners interested in their own backyard campfire experience. Here are a couple of our favorite fire projects.


Wood fires have the most authentic “campfire” feel to them, but not everyone wants to deal with the clean up and maintenance that goes with wood. Sometimes natural gas or propane fires are a better fit for your space and lifestyle. We loved putting the extra little touches on this one, like the architectural details.

High wall outdoor fire pit

A round, high-walled fire pit has the most “campfire” feel to it, especially when you add fun log benches for seating. This type of feature is perfect for a small group of your favorite people.

Fancy Outdoor Fireplace

This project was exciting for its scale. Sometimes a big space needs a big statement—and this fireplace really says something. We made seating plentiful, since a fireplace is a natural gathering place.

Modern Outdoor Fire Pit

We love using stone for fire features, but sometimes it’s just not the right choice for a small space. The clean lines of this design called for a sleek metal fire pit. It’s cool, it’s modern, and it fits seamlessly with the other design features.

Which fireplace inspired you? Call Detailed Landscape to talk about how you can bring these ideas into your outdoor area.