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Even though we’re just starting to feel winter coming and your greenscapes are going dormant, there’s plenty you can still do to make your landscape dreams come true. Hardscape projects are excellent for cold weather. Hardscapes are landscape features that incorporate all aspects of landscaping using brick, concrete, stone, wood, or even metal. During the cold season, it is extremely challenging to plant due to the adverse conditions so this is the perfect time to start your very own hardscape project. Hardscapes are perfect for transition points or focal landmarks. Below we have examples of some of our favorite hardscape designs.
#1 The Path. Just like the changing of the seasons, your backyard space should seamlessly flow from one living space to the next. We like designing paths that help transition from the front yard into your backyard living space.


#2. Simple Outdoor Space. Here on the Front Range, we love our open spaces. If you’re not sure what to do with all that space, why not give it some definition with a simple fence? Landscape beauty is all in the details—a gate and arch combination added to your fence will make it uniquely yours.


#3 Gather Around. Create an outdoor oasis by adding a stone patio and fireplace. With the perfect space to gather around, your backyard will be the place to be! Not only does this help to break up the backyard grass, but it also helps to create another living space to gather with friends and family.


Hardscapes help to create focal points throughout your backyard sanctuary. They’ll add an attractive appeal to your space. Let Detailed Landscape help you design your outdoor living room today!