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6 Tips for DIY Holiday Greenery


Are you thinking of hanging wreaths and garland for the holidays? These tips will keep your décor looking fresh all season.

christmas decor fort collins landscaping

1. Visit a local nursery to buy the freshest greenery you can find. With all the nurseries along the Front Range, you have tons of options and many experts to chat with.

While you’re there, pick up an antidesiccant spray, such as Wilt Pruf, and spray your decorations before you place them. This will cover the leaves of your greenery with a thin coating to keep moisture in.

2. If you buy a real Christmas tree or cut down your own, save and use the boughs you remove from the bottom. Mix these in with other kinds of greenery – it will look great as long as you distribute them evenly.

3. Consider how you’ll attach your wreaths and boughs before you start. You may be able to wrap a garland around a banister and secure it with string, or you may require more elaborate hangers from the store.

You can protect your mantel or banister by tucking butcher paper or plastic sheeting underneath the greenery.

4. Wear old gloves or gardening gloves while you’re creating with greenery. It will be prickly and it may be sticky!

5. Indoor greenery may only stay fresh for a couple of weeks, and just a little longer outside in the cold air. To give your decorations a little more life, re-cut the stems of your greenery at an angle and put the cut ends in water while you work.

6. Be a water elf all season: mist your greenery with water every day to bring a little of its moisture back.

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