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Clint and Stacey are always excited for a new season and the opportunity to work on great projects with new clients. They have found 2021 to be an especially interesting season, coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic and with volatility and uncertainty still present in a lot of situations, not to mention the weather. Clint says, “It’s interesting to get to the point of having everything you’ve worked for and still needing to find creative ways to deal with new challenges.”

Thankfully, we have a very strong core team of employees in the office and in the field, and they’re working extremely hard for the company and our clients to make things happen. Stacey says:

“Clint and my designers and laborers are super passionate about what they do, and they want people to be proud of what they’ve created.”



While Clint really appreciates a fresh cut yard, a well-maintained planting bed and the beauty of a landscape, what he really enjoys is the creative problem solving he encounters on job sites. He likes the math and the equipment and the structures. And that’s part of what makes his employees such a good fit. His dad, for instance, is passionate about plants, giving him and Clint a great balance.

“I love that we all just work together really well,” Stacey says, noting that many of Detailed Landscape’s employees have been here over 15 years. When we hire someone, she says, “we make sure they know they’re part of a family.”

Detailed Landscape has been fortunate to have had recent opportunities and inquiries, despite the challenges of this season. Or perhaps because of them – perhaps, over the past eighteen months, people have had the chance to refamiliarize themselves with their own landscapes and spaces. And, as people have had to reevaluate where they spend their time, their home spaces offer a renewed sense of peace and safety; there’s a new appreciation for being home, slowing down and stopping to smell your own flowers.

It’s also, Clint says, the result of over 20 years of doing good service for good clients, with one incredible team.