There is no doubt that Colorado summers were made for BBQs. Good food, good music and good beer creates one of the most relaxing and enjoyable environments to host a party. There’s no better time than late spring or summer to invite neighbors and friends over for a backyard party. We’ve put together a few tips to help you get the party started!

1. Be prepared

One of the easiest ways to ensure your BBQ goes smoothly is to prep as much as you can, as early as you can. The value of planning ahead couldn’t be any higher than in this situation. Chop vegetables, marinate your meat, make your hamburger patties, premake any batch drinks you plan on serving, slice your condiments and assemble anything premade.

2. Ask guests to bring something

Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy your guests and the atmosphere by asking each guest to bring something. This will alleviate work for you, but also gives your guests the opportunity to get more involved in the event.

3. Start with a clean grill

If you’re hosting your party early in BBQ season, make sure to set aside some time to properly clean your grill. Here are a few easy steps from our experts:

  • Heat it to check your gas line and burn off any food remnants
  • Clean the grill grates with a wire brush
  • Let the grill cool and remove grill grates
  • Soak grates or put them through the dishwasher if able
  • Brush the bottom of your BBQ where food debris are
  • Clean burner with brush to clear holes
  • Use a diluted soap solution for the outside of your BBQ and replace all parts
4. Cue the tunes

Whether you’re playing music from a Bluetooth speaker or your newly installed outdoor speaker, make sure you have a good BBQ playlist to share with your guests. If you’re in need of a good go-to, we love this playlist.

5. Check your space

Lack of seating will put a damper on your BBQ quicker than any other issue. If you’re inviting neighbors and running low on chairs, it’s perfectly sensible to ask them to bring over a lawn chair to throw in the mix.

Depending on the time you decide to host your party, make sure there will be ample lighting after sunset. String lights, fairy lights, or up lighting on structures in your backyard should provide your guests with enough light to enjoy themselves after dark. If you’re looking for inspiration for outdoor lighting, download our free guide here.

6. When in doubt, self-serve!

Feeling overwhelmed with all your prep work? Find ways to invite your guests to self-serve! Skip the prebaked desserts and set up a s’mores bar for guests to build their own s’mores. This is a great way to get guests more involved, especially if you’re inviting children!