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Double check your plant

Not all succulents are meant to be grown indoors. If you plan to keep your plant inside, double check that it’s not meant to grow outdoors. The Snake Plant, Pencil Cactus, String of Pearls, Christmas Cactus and the Panda Plant are just a few succulents that have the best chance of thriving in your home.

The right sunlight

If you’re keeping your plant inside, place the succulent near the brightest window in your home as it will need light for most of the day. If you’re planning to grow your succulent outside, make sure it will have around 6 hours of bright, indirect sunlight each day.

You’ll know if your succulent isn’t getting enough sunlight if it begins stretching out. If you see this, immediately move it to an area where it will get more sun.

Water deeply, but less frequently

One key factor in keeping your succulents alive is how frequently you’re watering them. Succulents need a large amount of water to thrive. However, you’ll need to water them less frequently than your other plants. Watering your succulents daily is the quickest way to kill them so when in doubt – don’t water. Succulents can survive becoming overly dry, but they won’t survive overwatering.

Check your soil

Like any plant, succulents will only thrive if they’re planted in healthy soil. Succulents will need a good draining soil. Purchasing soil that is formulated specifically for succulents is a good option for your plants, or you can add sand, gravel or volcanic rock into your existing soil.  

If growing your succulents indoors, pick the right container

To grow a healthy succulent, you need to avoid planting it in a container that doesn’t have a drainage hole. The plant needs good airflow to keep the roots healthy. You can’t go wrong with an unglazed terracotta planter. This porous material helps dry the roots out quickly, which is perfect for succulents. Plastic or ceramic pots can also be a good option if they allow adequate drainage.