6 Ways To Upgrade Your 4th Of July BBQ

Summer in Colorado means Barbecue season, longer days and more time spent on the patio. Many Coloradans eagerly await this time of year and are ready to trade in their gardening gloves for their favorite set of tongs, a spatula or three, their favorite apron and a cold drink. If you’re planning to host the neighborhood Fourth of July BBQ, here are a few tips and tricks from our experts on how to upgrade your outdoor space.

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How To Companion Plant Your Garden

Did you know that plants have relationships with each other? Plants need good companions to thrive in your garden. Inside each plant community, certain plants can compete with one another for nutrients or sunlight. However, if planted correctly, companion planting can help reduce pests, promote better overall growth, attract beneficial bugs, provide shade, improve the soil health and fertility, and suppress weed growth.

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