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Winter is Tree Pruning Time!


Winter is Tree Pruning Time!

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A friendly reminder before warmer weather rolls in: Winter is prime time for pruning your trees.

You might be thinking, “Can’t I put off pruning my trees for another couple months until the weather is a little nicer?” So, why prune trees in winter? Here’s why we recommend you get your trees pruned this winter or early spring, rather than waiting for warm, sunny days:

  • More visibility & precision. The starkness of tree branches in the winter allows for more visibility of the tree structure, and therefore more precision in the pruning process.
  • Fewer Insects= Disease Prevention. There are fewer disease-carrying insects flitting about in the winter, which means there is less chance of disease spreading from tree-to-tree.
  • Reduced Stress. Pruning your trees in the warmer, non-dormant months can shock the trees and make them “bleed.” During the winter, trees are dormant and handle the cuts much better.
  • Faster Healing. In the winter, trees can conserve their energy and focus solely on healing after they are pruned. In contrast, during the spring trees are using energy to grow branches.
  • New Growth and Vitality. Winter pruning promotes new leaf growth and healthier trees overall.

You can see why winter pruning has such significant health benefits and why it is important not to wait too late in the season to start pruning your deciduous trees. If possible, shoot to have your winter pruning completed by the end of February or mid March

Note: Pruning is generally best handled by professionals.

In case you are tempted to prune your trees on your own, keep in mind that lots of things can go wrong during the tree pruning process. Tall ladders and heavy falling branches are dangerous. The average person is usually unprepared and lacks the proper training to complete this task. Trees near power lines are particularly hazardous and need to be pruned carefully for safety reasons. Additionally, if done incorrectly, pruning can actually damage your trees.

If you want your trees to be healthy and robust this spring, don’t put off this end-of-winter task. Give us a call at Detailed Landscape and we’ll take care of all your pruning needs.