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Nightscaping 101

Hardscaping Benefits

Are you on the fence about adding hardscaping elements to your space? Find out why hardscaping is a great option for any outdoor living space: Low Maintenance How often do you forget to water your plants? Little to no maintenance is required for hardscaping, making it a great option if

It’s All in the Details: Patio Craftsman

Patio Craftsman was born after seeing our clients struggle to find comfortable, durable, and timeless pieces that can withstand unpredictable Colorado weather. Made to last for years, each piece is handcrafted in our workshop. Our custom made chairs are the perfect way to enjoy many of Colorado’s crafts. Because every piece is

From Dreams to Reality: Detailed Landscape’s Design Process

After eyeing our beautiful, detailed landscapes in Northern Colorado, you’ve decided that it’s time to transform your yard into your personal oasis. You might be asking, what’s next? Hiring a custom landscaping team shouldn’t be complicated. As you’ll see, we’ll guide you every step of the way.   Initial Consultation

4 Ways to Take Care of Your Lawn this Fall

The key to a beautiful landscape is planning ahead, and that includes your lawn. Here are 4 ways to tend to your lawn this fall to ensure a full and healthy lawn come spring: Don’t stop watering or mowing, yet! Although the days are cooler, it’s not uncommon for Northern

Watering at Night: A Conversation

Landscape Owner (LO): It’s August. It’s been in the 90s for weeks and my lawn is struggling. It takes a ton of water to keep it green. What should I do? Detailed Landscape (DL): Water at night! LO: Doesn’t watering at night encourage disease in lawn? Since the grass is

The Detailed Landscape Greenhouse

Did you know that Detailed Landscape has its own greenhouse? Our goal for all of our clients is always to create beautiful, sustainable landscapes that last for years. That’s why we use our greenhouse to grow mostly water-wise perennials. When we grow our own plants, can make sure the plants

Water-Wise Plants

A water-wise landscape is designed and maintained according to basic horticultural principles that allow for a healthy landscape with minimal supplemental watering. Selecting trees, shrubs, perennials and groundcovers based on their adaptability to Colorado’s soil and semi-arid climate will reduce water-work for you, and add sustainable beauty to your yard.


Do you compost? Would you like to start? Composting is nature’s process of recycling decomposed organic materials into a rich soil. Home composting is an acceleration of this same process. By composting your organic waste you’re returning rich nutrients to the soil, promoting soil microbes that aid plant growth. Essentially,

Rain Barrels

We all know how important water is in Colorado, and how precious it can be. A simple way to help the local water conservation effort is to collect rainwater in water barrels, a practice that officially became legal in Colorado in 2016. “This is a victory for Coloradans who care

Complete Your Space With Patio Craftsmen

Your lawn is immaculate. Your trees wave gently in the warm breeze. Your flowers are popping their vibrant heads through a fresh layer of damp, rich mulch. Your patio is calling you to come outside, enjoy this day. Complete your space with custom designed and custom-built furniture from Patio Craftsmen,

Patio Trends, New For 2017

How can you make the most of the warm weather this year? Two words: patio time. Here are some of the hottest trends in cool patios for 2017: Covers The easiest way to take advantage of the great outdoors is by blurring the lines between your home and your yard

You’re Ready For Spring, Is Your Lawn?

We get it, you’re ready for the world to green up a little. We are, too, which means it’s time to start thinking about springtime and what that means for your landscaping. You know the old term “spring cleaning?” It applies to your lawn, too. But if you start small,

Winter Pruning: Pave the Way for Healthy Growth

There are a number of benefits to pruning your trees and shrubs in the winter, so put on an extra pair of gloves and grab those pruning shears.  Health For most plants, the best time to prune is in late winter, before new growth begins. This leaves your plant with

Is it summer yet?

The weather outside is frightful, but our summer inspiration is delightful. Since you’ve got no place to go, stay inspired, dream in color, and remember Detailed Landscape!

Preserve your outdoor space!

Always be prepared! As the trees drop their last leaves, it’s important to clean and protect your deck for the cold winter months. Although, we wish we could sit outside year round, Mother Nature doesn’t agree. We’ve compiled a few tricks that can help your deck survive the harsh ice

Your Plants are Thirsty

Just a quick note to remind you to water your landscape! It’s been a mild fall to say the least. We’ve been enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, but your plants are still going dormant. Under warm or cold conditions, plants still need water to stay healthy through the winter. Take

Don’t Let Your Landscape Dreams Go Dormant

Even though we’re just starting to feel winter coming and your greenscapes are going dormant, there’s plenty you can still do to make your landscape dreams come true. Hardscape projects are excellent for cold weather. Hardscapes are landscape features that incorporate all aspects of landscaping using brick, concrete, stone, wood,

Before and After Spaces

At Detailed Landscape, the most satisfying part of projects is the end. We feel a deep sense of pride when we successfully transform a space into something the client can use and love for years to come. Here’s one of our recent before-and-afters that made us proud to be landscaping

Front Range Fire Pits

Fires bring people together. Especially for those of us living on the Front Range, there’s something special around a fire with friends and family on a beautiful summer night. In the past few years, we’ve noticed an increase in homeowners interested in their own backyard campfire experience. Here are a

Now’s the Time to Lounge Outside

Summer is the time to lounge on your deck sipping iced tea, roast marshmallows over your custom-built firepit, and breathe in the sweet smell of your garden—whatever fits your personality and lifestyle.

3 Tips for Managing Water Use

Sixty percent of total water use happens during peak summer months. Some people spend a lot of money and effort continuously watering their lawn to keep everything green. All that water adds up quickly. Sometimes, when drought conditions in the state are extreme, Front Range cities tend to put watering

Outdoor Entertainment Areas

There are so many benefits to being surrounded by nature. Research has repeatedly linked spending time outside to improved mental health and positivity, and even stronger immune systems. At Detailed Landscape, some of our favorite projects are helping clients create a personalized outdoor entertainment area for their friends and family

Choose Native Plants for Landscaping

At Detailed Landscape, we’re like most people who live on the Front Range: proud of the natural beauty that comes with living in this region—and we believe every landscape in Colorado should celebrate and protect our regional treasures by using native plants whenever possible. It’s not just about our regional

How Antidessicants Help Protect Your Evergreens

At Detailed Landscape, we talk a lot about the importance of winter watering. Preventing sun scorch and dehydration in evergreens is especially important, because they don’t drop their leaves in the winter and continue to use moisture to keep vulnerable needles healthy. Evergreens can lose significant moisture through their needles

Tips for Winter Watering Trees and Shrubs

Colorado winters on the Front Range can be tough on your landscape. Dry air, combined with very low precipitation levels in January and February, can dehydrate dormant plants. Unfortunately, it may be months before you can tell your plants have been damaged—they may appear normal as they resume growth in

Why winter construction?

Just because the animals are hibernating through the winter doesn’t mean you have to. Why stop using your landscape as soon as the first snowflake falls? Well-designed landscapes look beautiful in all seasons, snow or shine. It’s never too late in the year to start outdoor construction projects. At Detailed

4 Easy Ways to Save Your Pavers From Salt Damage

Even though quality pavers are made to last for years, the cold weather season can be tough on them—especially because winter in Colorado means deicing salts. Despite being a marvelous invention of modern science that has prevented countless slips and falls, deicing salts can cause your pavers to corrode and

Have You Started Winterizing Your Landscape Yet?

As winter gets closer at Detailed Landscape, we talk to a lot of our clients about winterizing their landscapes to prepare for the cold weather. We mention it every year because preparing your plants and structures for the harsh conditions of Colorado winters is critical for a healthy, happy landscape.

5 Things to Check Off Your Fall To-Do List

Temperatures are cooling, days are getting shorter, and it’s been hard putting away the shorts and sandals. But before you hang up your gardening gloves for the year, there’s a few things you can clean and trim around your landscape to guarantee next spring is its best yet. Make September

Landscape Structures 101 – Pergola Definition & More

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “pergola” before and you know it has to do with some sort of landscape structure, but you are not quite sure what one is exactly. Or maybe you are curious to know the difference between an arbor and a trellis. Maybe you just want to

Why You Should Have Your Irrigation System Audited

  Many people do not realize that, over time, installed sprinkler systems may degrade and begin to operate less effectively. These inefficiencies translate into wasted water and, over the long-term, higher watering costs. The best way to ensure your irrigation system is operating at peak efficiency is to either carefully

Mulch 101

What is mulch? Mulch is any material, either organic or inorganic, that is applied over soil for protection. Organic mulches include leaves, wood, compost, bark clippings, or grass clippings. Inorganic mulch includes materials such as rock and gravel. Why should I mulch? Mulch offers numerous soil benefits. Here are a

Why is my Evergreen Turning Brown?

Why isn’t my evergreen green? You might have noticed the evergreens around Fort Collins are looking a little… brown. If you’re wondering why that is, and why your evergreens don’t seem to be doing well this spring, here’s what you can do about it. There are a couple factors as

Spring Planting in Colorado

Spring planting in Colorado is a bit of a gamble. Even after several beautiful days of warm weather, there’s always a chance of a random blizzard in April or May. Given the unpredictable nature of Colorado weather patterns, you do not want to make the mistake of planting too early. Here

Winter is Tree Pruning Time!

A friendly reminder before warmer weather rolls in: Winter is prime time for pruning your trees. You might be thinking, “Can’t I put off pruning my trees for another couple months until the weather is a little nicer?” So, why prune trees in winter? Here’s why we recommend you get your

Winter Watering Tips

Many people mistakenly think it is unnecessary to water their lawns in the winter season. However, winters in the Front Range are known for periodic dry spells—often in January and February in particular.   In order to ensure your lawn receives adequate moisture it is important to continue watering during

Protecting Trees From Winter Damage & Sun Scald

Cold and windy Front Range winters can wreak havoc on trees. Young trees in particular are vulnerable to sun scald, a type of “tree sunburn” that cracks open tree bark, creating the conditions for disease to fester. Sun scald tends to occur during weather fluctuations, such as when the tree

Fire Blight Facts You Should Know

Here are five fire blight facts you should know: Fact #1: Fire blight is a bacterial disease that tends to impact apple trees, pear trees, and rose bushes in particular. Additionally, plants such as mountain ash, hawthorn and raspberry, can be vulnerable to infection. Fact #2: Fire blight is a

Sprinkler System Winterization Tips

Sprinkler System Winterization Tips: The Do’s and Don’ts Do: Expel all the water from your irrigation system prior to the first freeze of the year (usually by the end of September or early October) to avoid broken pipes and damage to other system components. Check your system to find out