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3 Advantages to Pruning in the Winter


3 Advantages to Pruning in the Winter

With the official start of spring not too far off, it’s a good time to review how your yard has handled the winter.  While there are specific “best times” for pruning trees, shrubs, and plants during the year, winter can be a great time to get a jump start on spring clean-up.

Light pruning to remove a few small branches of trees can be done any time of year, but more extensive pruning should be done in late winter to early spring. There are three advantages to pruning in the winter:

1.  Wound closure is most rapid if it is done just prior to the emergence of new shoots.

2.  There are few insects and disease spores to infest pruning cuts.

3.  Deciduous trees have dropped their leaves, so it is easier to see what is being pruned.

In between snow storms, the weather has been very nice, making now the optimum time to have winter pruning done. Pruning this time of year maintains the health and beauty of trees, while encouraging proper growth and structure. Our teams prune back suckers as well as any rubbing branches and stalks. The plan is to maintain a healthy structure with one central leading trunk.

Our teams are also completing reshaping of overgrown shrubs at this time. By pruning now, the spread of diseases throughout landscaping shrubs is prevented.

Most landscapes will not take long to complete, especially for clients who already have full-service contracts with us. Any pruning that requires significant climbing or a boom truck should be contracted with a tree service company that is capable of handling trees of that size. Our office can make arrangements or give you contact information if your pruning needs run to the larger scale end of things.

Contact our office to make winter pruning and early spring cleanup arrangements.